Our mission is to create opportunities and eliminate barriers to good health for medically underserved Coloradans.

We know that health is a basic and essential part of life, and we face countless choices, opportunities, and situations that collectively affect our ability to achieve our best health. At CCMU, we work to put healthy choices and opportunities within reach for all Coloradans. We are agents of positive change in Colorado’s health system.

Our strategic plan guides our work. We educate Colorado’s leaders and communities about the issues and experiences facing the medically underserved, we advocate for good public policy and systems changes, and we facilitate community- and resident-driven health initiatives.

We activate our expertise and our network of connections to identify and seize opportunities, develop solutions, come to agreement on tactics, plan courses of action, and create real differences for Coloradans.

We hold a unique position as an advocate for the underserved.

We do not receive more or less funding based on decisions made, so we are able to truly work for best practices and the most sustainable solutions without any outside agenda. In our role at the Capitol, we help develop and support effective public policy that improves access to quality, timely, affordable care for Coloradans. We are also committed to supporting local communities in their health care system transformation efforts and improving quality of care while reducing costs.

We were founded with a deep commitment to caring for everyone in our community.

Launched in 1997, by then-President of the Colorado Medical Society, Dr. Gary VanderArk, and independently incorporated in 2003, CCMU has always had a diverse membership of health care providers, policy and decision makers, industry experts, advocates, and individuals. A Board of Directors provides stewardship and oversight of the work of CCMU.

We are a trusted source of information. We are politically prudent. We are strategic. And of course, we are passionate. We are leading change for a healthier Colorado.

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