On March 29, Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved will have a new name and new look!

In the 20 years since our founding, a lot has changed. Our communities face different health challenges, and new policies mean new successes and new barriers to confront. Evolution and adaptation are absolutely necessary if we want to achieve our mission of making our health care systems work for all Coloradans. We must rise to the occasion.

One of the shifts we’ve made to increase our impact in a changing state is to work more closely with Coloradans to empower them to advocate for themselves. We’ve also looked carefully at the messages we send to our stakeholders. What we’ve learned is that, despite decreasing barriers to health and health care access, our name has become a barrier in distinguishing us from the many health care advocacy organizations in our state and to being approachable to the everyday Coloradans we now call partners.

That’s why we’re changng our look and our name. What hasn’t changed—and will never change—is our commitment to bringing people together to change the systems that deliver health to Coloradans. Our purpose, our mission, and the way we conduct our work remain the same.

We look forward to sharing this milestone with you!

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