We’re committed to evaluating our efforts to lead change in Colorado’s health system.

We measure our work in outputs, outcomes, and impact. While we track our outputs–the direct achievements and tracking of our activities–the more important measures are the outcomes and impact, or the evidence of the changing health system and our role in driving those changes.

COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP We believe diverse leaders working together find better solutions, so we look for evidence that our leadership has helped to drive collaboration.
AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT We believe leaders and affected populations working together drive better changes, so we look for evidence that affected populations are engaged in health systems change because we connected them with decision makers.
INCREASED UNDERSTANDING We believe informed leaders make better decisions, so we look for evidence that our communication efforts have helped inform Colorado’s leaders.
STATE-LEVEL HEALTH SYSTEMS CHANGE We believe changes that make the systems better for the medically underserved make the system better for everyone, so we look for evidence that our advocacy led to changes that promote health and improve care.
COMMUNITY-DRIVEN HEALTH SYSTEMS CHANGE We believe strong local health systems contribute to a strong statewide health system, so we look for evidence that our support and partnership has helped community-driven initiatives strengthen local health systems.
ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERTISE & RESOURCES We believe strong, stable organizations lead change more effectively, so we look for evidence that our investments in organizational development have made CCMU more secure.

We define success in terms of our impact.

Sometimes the best way to demonstrate our impact on Colorado’s health system is to start from the beginning. In our Measuring Impact case studies, we explain how our efforts moved the needle on an important health systems issue.

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