Joe Sammen, Executive Director

Joe SammenJoe has a passion for working to solve complex public health problems through systemic changes and has a long history of community organizing–both across the nation and around the world. His work at CCMU maximizes his great talents as a relationship-builder, researcher, and communicator, to engage and mobilize Coloradans, empowering them to improve the health of their community. Joe earned bachelor’s degrees in both biology and computer science at the University of Denver and also holds a master’s in public health from the University of Washington.

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Contact Joe: 720.987.9570 | | @joemsammen

Aubrey Hill, Director of Health Systems Change

Aubrey HillAubrey has spent several years advocating for those without a voice in order to bring about important change. At CCMU, she combines her deep understanding of Colorado’s health care policy world with her strong drive to make the legislative process more inclusive and to effectively implement beneficial health care laws. She is passionate about connecting policymakers and community networks in order to improve Colorado’s health care system. A New Orleans native, she holds a bachelor’s in sociology from Spring Hill College and a master’s in public policy from the University of Denver.

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Contact Aubrey: 504.615.3085 | | @aubreykhill

Sarah McAfee, Director of Communications

Sarah MapesSarah has extensive experience in both the non-profit and for-profit health care sectors focusing her work on increasing awareness and engagement through effective communication. Her approach is founded on the belief that doing good work in silence will never cause an organization’s mission to be achieved, so she aims to inspire communities to understand, support, and work toward the same vision that CCMU works for day in and day out. Sarah holds a bachelor’s in anthropology and a master’s in public administration, both from Arizona State University.

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Contact Sarah: 720.270.6470 | | @sarahdmcafee

Jess Meyer, Network Manager

Jess MeyerJess is passionate about community health, and the importance of engaging a community to care about and work towards changing health issues that affect them. A recent graduate of Colorado College, Jess was drawn to public health because of its interdisciplinary approach, which encouraged a variety of stakeholders from different backgrounds to collaborate towards a common goal. At CCMU, Jess utilizes her education, along with her experience in community organizing and strategic planning, to help support, nurture, and develop Health Alliances around the state.

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Contact Jess: 617.538.7145 | | @jesskvmeyer

Aditi Ramaswami, Public Policy Coordinator

Aditi RamaswamiAditi is devoted to the quest for health equity in Colorado, and advocating for the importance of addressing the social factors that play a major role in determining our health outcomes. Aditi received her bachelor’s degree from Colorado College recently, where she was fascinated by the sociology of health and medicine, which translates closely to the field of public health. Aditi applies her academic and experiential background to CCMU’s health policy projects that are focused on promoting equal access to affordable, inclusive, and effective health care for her fellow Coloradans.

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Contact Aditi: 303.437.1456 | | @aditiramaswami

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