Joe Sammen, Executive Director

Joe SammenJoe has been working for over a decade to improve the health of communities—both across the nation and around the world. At his core, he believes the desire for good health is the closest thing our society has to a universal goal, making the promise of health equity an incredible call to action for people from all walks of life. His work at CCMU maximizes his great talents as a relationship-builder, researcher, and communicator, to engage and mobilize health leaders and community residents, empowering them to improve the health of their community. As a leading expert on collaboration, health equity, and health care systems change, Joe advises and coaches state and local leaders and works closely with communities around the state of Colorado providing technical assistance in facilitation, research, strategic visioning and networking. He serves on the steering committee of the State Innovation Model, the Better Care, Better Cost, Better Colorado initiative, and the Colorado Health Extension System, as well as the board of 10.10.10. Joe earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and computer science at the University of Denver and also holds a master’s in public health from the University of Washington. He has been a part of the CCMU team for over five years.

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Contact Joe: 720.987.9570 | | @joemsammen | he/him/his

Katie Bayne, Development & Communications Specialist

Katie BayneKatie has long had a passion in communication around social issues, and has been applying her skills in this area to help effect real change in the health care sector. She earned a bachelor’s in communication studies and French from Niagara University and a master’s in international and intercultural communication from the University of Denver. She believes in using effective, culturally sensitive communication to help educate, engage, and connect with her fellow Coloradans on important health care issues. Katie has been a part of the CCMU team for a year.

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Contact Katie: 516.582.5036 | | @katierbayne

Maggie Gomez, Director of Community Organizing

Maggie HeadshotMaggie has dedicated nearly a decade to grassroots community organizing with women and communities of color to build deep power for collective action. She earned a master’s in social work from the University of Denver and is passionate about organizing for women’s, workers’, immigrant, economic, and racial justice. At CCMU, Maggie brings her significant experience in organizing, voter engagement, and leadership development to incorporate grassroots community members into the fabric of our work. Maggie also serves the community as a founding member and Board Chair for the Colorado People’s Alliance, a member of the Prime Health Safety Net Advisory Board, a trainer for the Labor Liberation program with Colorado Jobs with Justice, and has experience writing and facilitating popular education curriculum for social justice.

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Contact Maggie: 720.515.6216 | | @maggielgomez | she/her/hers

Aubrey Hill, Director of Health Systems Change

Aubrey HillAubrey advocates for those whose voices aren’t often heard. At CCMU, she combines her deep understanding of health policy with her drive to make the legislative process more inclusive and to implement beneficial health care laws. She is passionate about connecting policymakers and communities to improve the health system, and directs CCMU’s legislative and government relations work. Aubrey is a member of the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership Class of 2013 and a coach for new classes. She is Vice-chair of the Medicaid ACC Program Improvement Advisory Committee, a member of the Provider subcommittee of the Medicaid ACC, and a co-lead on the All Kids Covered Coalition leadership team. A New Orleans native, she holds a bachelor’s in sociology from Spring Hill College and a master’s in public policy from the University of Denver. She has been a part of the CCMU team for over five years.

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Contact Aubrey: 504.615.3085 | | @aubreykhill | she/her/hers

Dana Kennedy, Director of Community Partnerships

Dana HeadshotDana first explored the field of public health in high school and never looked back. In her more than a decade of experience she has worked to connect homeless youth to health and social services in New York, built a school garden in Ecuador, and facilitated HIV prevention workshops in Colorado. She has dedicated the past several years to building programs that help increase access to health coverage and care for low-income Coloradans. At CCMU, Dana combines her program development experience and passion for community health to facilitate, engage, and manage the Colorado Network of Health Alliances. She additionally serves on the Mile High Connects Transit Advisory Council, the Regional Health Connector Technical Advisory Group, and the board of the Colorado Society for Public Health Education, the West Mountain Regional Health Alliance, and the Westwood Food Co-op. Dana holds a bachelor’s in urban studies from Vassar College and a master’s in public health from the University of Colorado.

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Contact Dana: 720.722.2994 | | @danafkennedy | she/her/hers

Chris Klene, Project Coordinator

Chris is passionate about using research to connect ideas and people and to elevate the voices of those who have been marginalized by our social structures and institutions. A Colorado native, he received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he wrote a thesis about immigrants’ experience of creating home in subsidized housing sites.  He first became interested in public health through his experience working with a student-run nonprofit organization, GlobeMed, which aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity. At CCMU, Chris brings his qualitative research and writing skills to support the Health Systems Transformation team and to advocate for consumer perspectives in health policy. He also serves as a youth council member on Colorado 9to25.

Contact Dana: 970.623.0276 | | he/him/his

Sarah McAfee, Director of Communications

Sarah MapesSarah has extensive experience in both the non-profit and for-profit health care sectors focusing her work on increasing awareness and engagement through effective communication. Her approach is founded on the belief that doing good work in silence will never cause an organization’s mission to be achieved, so she aims to inspire individuals and communities to understand, support, and work toward the same vision that CCMU works for day in and day out. Sarah is a member of the Impact Denver Class of 2015 and a member of the Colorado Healthcare Communicators, who honored her with their Professional of the Year Award in 2014. Sarah holds a bachelor’s in anthropology and a master’s in public administration, both from Arizona State University. She has been a part of the CCMU team for five years.

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Contact Sarah: 720.270.6470 | | @sarahdmcafee | she/her/hers

Michelle Munoz, Office Manager

Michelle Munoz

Michelle has had a passion for Office Administration, and has been working in this field both in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, for the past 26 years. Michelle is excited about applying her knowledge and skills in the healthcare sector to help effect change in Colorado. She believes the best way for her to help effect real change is to use her many years of knowledge to enable the other CCMU staff to spend more time doing what they do best and less time worrying about the day-to-day tasks.

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Contact Michelle: 720.371.2089 | | she/her/hers

Jessica Nguyen, Community Initiatives Specialist

Jessica NguyenJessica is passionate about working within the public health realm because of its ability to improve the health of populations from the local to global level. She understands that there are factors beyond an individual’s control that can impact their health and access to care. At CCMU, Jessica works toward reducing these barriers, utilizing her academic and experiential background. She earned a bachelor’s in biology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a master’s in public health from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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Contact Jessica: 720.789.8522 | | @jessicapnguyen | she/her/hers

Aditi Ramaswami, Public Policy Specialist

Aditi RamaswamiAditi is dedicated to prioritizing the needs of health care consumers in health systems change in Colorado. She received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Colorado College, where she became interested in combating the profit-driven nature of the U.S. health care system. She applies her strong understanding of the health care landscape in Colorado, her health policy experience, and her passion for health equity to CCMU’s policy and systems change initiatives focused on promoting equal access to affordable, inclusive, and quality health care for Coloradans. Aditi additionally serves on the board of Aurora Mental Health Center. She has been a part of the CCMU team for two years.

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Contact Aditi: 303.437.1456 | | @aditiramaswami | she/her/hers

Namuyaba Temanju, Community Organizer

Namuyaba TemanjuNamuyaba is devoted to working with historically marginalized communities and empowering them to attain their full potential. She is determined to break down barriers, both structural and social, that hinder these populations from reaching optimum health. She earned a master’s in Ethnic Studies from Colorado State University and is passionate about continuing to fight for better health for all Coloradans. Namuyaba has previously worked extensively in the Conflict Resolution field coupled with community work through engaging in dialogue and other methods.

Contact Namuyaba: 970.829.1822 | | she/her/hers

Speaking Opportunities

Our staff are professional, experienced speakers with expertise in a variety of topics. If you wish to have a CCMU staff member speak at or facilitate your meeting, please contact that individual directly. If your inquiry is more general in nature, please contact Sarah McAfee at In some cases, a small fee may be assessed.

Employment Opportunities

We are seeking three community organizers. Applications will be accepted until the positions have been filled.

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