Our events are opportunities to learn, reconnect, and be inspired.

Every year, CCMU hosts a variety of small events for specific audiences and two larger events for all our members, partners, and other interested parties. Our May event is our Annual Meeting, which is an opportunity to thank our members and partners, conduct official business, and launch new initiatives and projects. Our September event is our Annual Luncheon, which is an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by nationally-known speakers that bring important ideas about leading change to improve the health care system.

We also regularly visit Colorado communities around the state to learn about their local health issues and community initiatives. Contact Joe Sammen at joe.sammen@ccmu.org for more information on when we might be in your area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are grateful to all our sponsors, without whom we could not hold our events. If you are interested in sponsoring a CCMU event, please contact Katie Bayne at katie.bayne@ccmu.org.

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