Your elected officials want to hear from you!

There are a number of easy ways to communicate with your elected officials–choose the one that makes the most sense and is the most comfortable for you.

  1. Send them an email
  2. Contact them on Facebook or through Twitter
  3. Call their offices
  4. Visit them in person
    • Visit their office at the Capitol or City Council
    • Go to a townhall event
    • Host an event and invite them to speak
    • Volunteer on a local campaign
  5. Testify before a legislative committee

Effective communication with policymakers starts with good planning.

Keep it short!

Introduce yourself, make your few key points, ask for their support or opposition, and thank them for their time.

If you don't know, say so.

If they ask you a question you cannot answer, just promise to follow up with more information, and ask the best way to get it to them.

Explain that you're a constituent.

Your voice and your vote matter, especially at the state and local level, so let them know you live in their district.

Hold them accountable.

Don’t be shy about asking them to let you know how they voted or how they plan to vote. It shows that you are paying attention to their record on issues that matter to you.

Always be polite and respectful, even if you disagree.

Be courteous. If you burn the bridge, you might regret it later when you have another issue to discuss with them.

Building a relationship takes time.

A single call, email, or meeting is enough to express your point of view on an issue; garnering support for a cause or asking them to sponsor your bill will take multiple contacts. Start small and build from there.

Content authored by Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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