We work to create opportunities and eliminate barriers to good health.

Our perspective on bringing health care to all Coloradans spans from local, on-the-ground involvement within communities to high-level strategic talks with policymakers. We share with state leaders the needs of the people, and we share with community leaders our knowledge about how to work within the system to get things done. We are committed to fostering the physical, social, and cultural conditions that will allow all Colorado to achieve health equity. We work for best practices and the most sustainable solutions without any outside agenda.

Who are the Medically Underserved?
Who are the medically underserved?
We work on behalf of people who are vulnerable to poor health and are susceptible to falling through the cracks.

Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
Our strategic plan is centered on solution-oriented, collaborative leadership and the authentic engagement of at-risk Coloradans.


Our strategies for change help us achieve our mission.

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