We work with communities to create lasting change.

CCMU has a long history of partnering with community leaders to support local solutions to complex health systems problems. This work has taken us from our groundbreaking “Healthy Colorado Now” statewide tour more than a decade ago to our recent work to establish a network of community organizations working to transform local health care systems and our creation of a toolkit to help communities prepare for health reform.

We believe community-driven solutions are the cornerstone of successful health care systems across the state of Colorado. We are independent, outside catalysts aiming to inspire communities to do more than they thought possible. We provide technical assistance when needed. We work to move communities toward action. Above all, our work in communities informs and grounds every other aspect of CCMU’s work.

We prioritize community-driven health systems change.

We focus our community support on local health change initiatives. We work in a supportive, “behind the scenes” role in partnership with communities working to improve health and health equity. We are focused on:

  • Increasing the capacity and efficiency of local health alliances across Colorado
  • Increasing collaboration and shared learning between communities
  • Increasing the visibility of local health care work across the state
  • Helping to create a statewide narrative of change

Colorado Network of Health Alliances

Colorado Network of Health Alliances

We’re helping to create a statewide narrative of change.

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To achieve these goals we work in three key areas. First, we support community-led initiatives that drive innovation and improve local health systems. This includes offering our technical expertise in coalition building, facilitation, community change, and research to specific health alliances when invited. Second, we cultivate a robust statewide community of local health leaders. As part of this work, we convene the Colorado Network of Health Alliances, a peer-learning group of community health care alliances and coalitions across Colorado. We are a founding partner and sit on the Board of Directors or Steering Committees of Aurora Health Access, the Chaffee County Health Coalition, and the Adams County Health Alliance. We also serve on planning or advisory committees for various groups, including the Community Health Action Coalition, the West Mountain Regional Health Alliance, the Asian Health Alliance of Colorado, and the South Metro Health Alliance. Finally, we work to engage and activate residents to be involved in health systems change.

If you are interested in getting involved in our community work, please contact Joe Sammen, Executive Director, at joe.sammen@ccmu.org.

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