We increase understanding of the issues and experiences of the medically underserved.

We are a trusted and credible source of information, exhaustively researching and developing high-quality publications that contribute to Colorado’s health care and health equity dialogue. We are a thought leader, speaking with courage and honesty about the challenges ahead, and promoting best practices and innovative models that have the potential to do the most good. Most importantly, we amplify the stories, experiences, voices, and opinions of medically underserved Coloradans.

Health Equity Series

Health Equity Series

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Other Publications

We work with All Kids Covered to reduce the number of uninsured children in Colorado: Crossing the Finish Line (2012) | Future of Kids’ Coverage (2013) | Ensuring Quality Health Care (2015)

ACC ConversationsWe held a series of focus groups with Medicaid patients to inform our response to the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) Request for Information process: In Focus: Medicaid (2015)

Health in ResidenceWe partnered with Mercy Housing to better understand the health needs of affordable housing residents: Health in Residence – Key Themes (2013) | Health in Residence – A Call to Action (2013)

Planning & Preparing for the Affordable Care ActWe created a toolkit to help communities prepare for the Affordable Care Act: Planning & Preparing for the Affordable Care Act (2013)

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