We lead change for a healthier Colorado.

At CCMU, we speak up on health equity and other issues affecting the medically underserved, and provide solution-oriented, collaborative leadership to drive change in our health care system. We connect policymakers, community members, and business leaders, we build bridges across public and private agencies and between sectors, and we bring together ideas and resources with people who can make real change happen.

Currently, CCMU has a leadership role in a number of important efforts around the state. We serve on a number of advisory committees and boards, such as the Adults without Dependent Children (AwDC) Advisory Committee, the Colorado Health Professions Workforce Policy Collaborative, the ACC Program Advisory Committee, the National Governors Association (NGA) Workforce Steering Committee, and many others.

Collaboration is key.

Believing in the strength of collective impact, we participate in and lead a number of collaborative groups in order to advance good public policy, promote health equity, and drive new conversations about health in communities.

All Kids Covered All Kids Covered is a multi-year effort engaging partners across the state in reducing the uninsured rate among Colorado’s children.
BC3 Initative The BC3 Initiative–Better Care, Better Costs, Better Health–is a Collective Impact effort that’s working to change the way we deliver and pay for health care.
Health Equity Advocacy We’re proud to be a part of the Health Equity Advocacy cohort funded by The Colorado Trust, which is working to advance health equity policy solutions.

We’re committed to ensuring patients, residents, and communities are engaged in health reform.

We believe in working in partnership with residents and communities to forge change. To do this, we authentically engage Coloradans at-risk for poor health and create
connections between individuals and decision makers to drive action.

Colorado HealthStory Colorado HealthStory collects personal health stories from Coloradans in order to build a community understanding of the health issues facing us all.
Health is Local Health is Local is an ongoing project aiming to tell the story of health reform and its impacts in Colorado, through the eyes and words of the Coloradans living it.

In our work in communities and at the Capitol we believe change begins with identifying shared aspirations for a better way, building relationships based on mutual respect, honesty and trust, agreeing on the principles and approach for the work, and then letting everyone do their part.  We work hard to offer a big-picture view of the health care system and to help people find middle ground, because middle ground is where amazing things start to grow.

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