We’re leading change for a healthier Colorado.

In the summer of 2014, CCMU reviewed its strategic focus and key areas of work and programs. Our new strategic direction is centered on solution-oriented, collaborative leadership and the authentic engagement of Coloradans at-risk for poor health in three areas of our operations: communications, policy and systems change, and community initiatives.

the future we aim to create
All Coloradans have the opportunity to live a healthy life.
what we do and who we serve
We create opportunities and eliminate barriers to good health for medically underserved Coloradans.
the approaches we use to achieve our mission
We provide solution-oriented, collaborative leadership to drive change in our health care system. Across all of our work, we authentically engage Coloradans at-risk for poor health and create connections between individuals and decision makers to drive action.
We increase understanding of the issues and the experiences of the medically underserved. We work with state leaders to drive changes to our health system that promote health and improve care. We partner with community leaders and residents to support community-driven health system change.
We secure the expertise and resources we need to be an effective and sustainable organization.
the outcomes we need to achieve our vision
All Coloradans will have health insurance coverage and access to health services that meet their needs. The health system will meet the needs of patients, families, and communities, delivering affordable, quality health services. Differences in health driven by social factors will be eliminated and health equity achieved.
how we want to be known
Leading change for a healthier Colorado

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